I think all of us is dreaming of having a whiter tooth. In terms of teeth-whitening, you need to choose between two options – the home-care teeth whitening and the office-based teeth bleaching. Both options of teeth-whitening are using peroxide-based bleaching agents. The in-office based teeth bleaching uses peroxide percentage that is ranging from 15% – 43%. While the at-home care teeth-whitening, it uses the peroxide percentage that is ranging from 3% – 20%. In this option, you can use either hydrogen or carbamide peroxide.

In general, the stronger and the longer the solution will stay on your teeth, the better the result is. On the other hand, the more peroxide percentage you will use as your whitening solution, the shorter the time you should leave it on your teeth. If you keep the whitening solution on your teeth for a more extended period, your teeth will be dehydrated and increase its sensitivity.

There are lots of benefits and risks that you can encounter in choosing each teeth whitening option. It is vital to talk with your dentist before performing an at-home teeth whitening. Bleaching your teeth will not clear your composite tooth-colored or porcelain crown bondings.

What is an At-Home Teeth Whitening Option?

The following are some of the options that you can choose from in performing teeth whitening at your home.

Tooth Whitening Toothpastes – since toothpaste is mild, it will help you to eradicate unusual stains on your tooth. On the other hand, some whitening toothpaste usually includes polishing agents or chemicals that will help to remove the stains on your teeth without using any bleaching chemical. Other tooth-whitening toothpaste is cheap and can clear your tooth in just one use. Other whitening toothpastes consist of peroxides, but make sure that you will not let these types of tooth-whitening toothpaste sit on your teeth for a more extended period.

Tray-based tooth bleaching systems – this at-home tooth bleaching option looks like a mouth-guard tray that contains peroxide-based paste or bleaching gel. This paste or gel will be put on your tooth for an hour or two and repeat this process within a month.

Tooth whitening gels and strips – these gels and strips must be placed on your teeth directly through the help of a thin strip or a brush. Both of these contain peroxide chemicals that must be placed on your tooth one to two times daily within 10 days to two weeks. You can see results within more than five months.

What is an In-Office Tooth Whitening?

The tooth-whitening performed by a reliable and knowledgeable dentist can clear the stains on your teeth quicker. The bleaching chemicals that are being used are stronger compared to the solutions used in home-based tooth whitening. Your dentist can also use heat, light, or both of these in intensifying and speeding up the process of your tooth whitening.

To sum it up, your teeth will go through 3 to 8 brighter shades, but to get this, you need to visit your dentist within 30 minutes to 60 minutes. Other reliable dentists will use their methods of teeth whitening that can be performed within an hour to two hours. The price range of an in-office tool whitening with your reliable and trusted dentist is from 500 US Dollars to 1000 US Dollars.

Why Should You Consult with Your Dentist Before Performing Teeth Whitening Process?

Teeth-whitening is a process that typically uses strong bleaching chemicals that can make your teeth more sensitive. It might also bring uncomfortableness to people with sensitive tooth. When you performed it improperly, your at-home teeth whitening kits might cause bleached or burned gums.

The teeth-whitening process is recommended to those people who have yellow-colored teeth. People with brown-colored teeth might notice negative results of teeth-whitening. If you have purple or gray colored teeth, the teeth-whitening process might not give you your desired outcome.

Keep Your Teeth Bright with Tooth-Whitening Process

Whether you prefer to use an in-office teeth whitening option or at-home tooth bleaching, you can keep your desired teeth result if you will rinse, floss, an brush it regularly. If you want to maintain your white and stain-free teeth, t is advisable for you to prevent tannin and acidic-rich beverages and foods, including; sauces (such as curries, tomato, and soy,) berries, carbonated beverages (such as light and dark-colored sodas,) sports drinks, red and white wines, and black coffees and teas.

Reasons to Have Teeth Whitening

There are lots of reasons why people have undergone teeth whitening processes. The following are some of the reasons for having a teeth-whitening session.

Enhance Your Self-Esteem – many people have lower self-esteem because of their yellow-colored teeth. And if you are one of them, teeth-whitening is perfect for you.

Diet Choice – some people have a diet that includes drinking lots of wine, tea, or coffee. And these three are the great factors that influence the discoloration of a person’s teeth. And if you have an undesirable color of teeth, it is best for you to go through a teeth-whitening session.


Before performing any options of the teeth-whitening process, make sure that you will consult a dentist. It is because teeth-whitening is a crucial process that might be good or bad for you. Aside from that, teeth-whitening needs your money, and you want to make sure that your money will be worth the result. What are you waiting on? Choose the professional teeth-whitening option you preferred and make your teeth whiter and clearer.